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Vocabulary. MEDICINE.

Palliative care: ​/​ˈ​pæli​ə​t​ɪ​v 'k​ɛə​/ (also called: end of life care) ​Medical, emotional, psychosocial, or spiritual care given to a person who is terminally ill and which is aimed at reducing suffering rather than curing. Euthanasia ​ - Mercy killing - Death with dignity. /​ ​ˌ​ju​ː​θ​əˈ​ne​ɪ​zi​ə​/ Euthanasia can be active, passive or voluntary. - ​Active euthanasia​: ​a person directly and deliberately causes the patient's death. - ​Passive euthanasia​: death is brought about by an omission - i.e. by withdrawing or withholding treatment in order to let the person die. - ​Voluntary euthanasia​: This is where euthanasia is carried out at the request of the person who dies.

ILLNESSES. Multiple Sclerosis: /​ ​ˈ​m​ʌ​lt​ɪ​pə​​ l skl​əˈ​r​əʊ​s​ɪ​s Arthritis: /​ɑː​r​ˈ​θra​ɪ​t​ɪ​s/ Epilepsy: /​ˈɛ​p​ɪ​l​ɛ​psi/ Inflammatory Bowel Disease: /​ɪ​n​ˈ​flæm​ə​t​ə​ri ​ˈ​ba​ʊə​l d​ɪ​ˈ​zi​ː​z/ Insomnia / Sleep Issues: /​ɪ​n​ˈ​s​ɒ​mni​ə​/ Asthma:​ /​ ​ˈ​æsm​ə​/ Alzheimer’s disease: /​ ​ˈ​æltsha​ɪ​m​ər​​ z d​ɪ​ˈ​zi​ː Anorexia: /​ ​ˌ​æn​əˈ​r​ɛ​ksi​ə​/ Glaucoma: /​ gl​ɔːˈ​k​əʊ​m​ə​/ RECYCLING. Contaminant: /​ k​ə​n​ˈ​tæm​ɪn ​ ​ə​nt/ ​a polluting or poisonous substance that makes something impure. Go green: make more environmentally friendly decisions. Effluent: /​ˈɛ​flu​ə​nt]/ ​ Liquid waste flowing out of a factory, farm, commercial establishment, or a household into a ​water​ body such as a river, lake, or lagoon. Environmentalist: /​ ​ɪ​n​ˌ​va​ɪə​r​ə​n​ˈ​m​ɛ​nt​ə​l​ɪ​st/ ​a person who is concerned about protecting the environment. Ozone-friendly: /​ ​əʊˈ​z​əʊ​n ​ˈ​fr​ɛ​ndli/: ​not containing chemicals that are destructive to the ozone layer.

Waste separation​: (also called: waste sorting) w​aste is separated​ ​into different elements. Biodegradable: /​ ​ˌ​ba​ɪ​əʊ​dɪ​ ​ˈ​gre​ɪ​d​ə​bə​​ l]/ Compost: /​ ​ˈ​k​ɒ​mp​ɒ​st/ ​decayed organic material used as a fertilizer for growing plants. HEALTH – EATING HABBITS. Vegetarianism​: /​ˌ​v​ɛ​d​ʒɪˈ​t​ɛə​ri​ə​n​ɪ​z​əm ​ /​ ​the practice of not eating meat or fish, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons. Veganism​: /​ ​ˈ​vi​ː​g​ə​n​ɪ​z​ə​m/​ is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. Poultry:​ /​ ​ˈ​p​əʊ​ltri]​ / white meat (chicken, turkey, goose, duck) Go on a crash diet​: ​start a radical diet to lose weight quickly. Cut out​ certain foods altogether (i.e. stop eating bread or pasta, for example) Cut down on​ = reduce the amount of (fatty or sugary foods, for example) Have a sweet tooth​ = like eating sweet or sugary things like cakes, sweets or chocolate Malnutrition​: /​ ​ˌ​mælnju​ːˈ​tr​ɪʃ​ə​n/ ​a condition of weakness or illness caused by eating too much food, not enough food or unhealthy food. Nutrient​ (noun): /​ ​ˈ​nju​ː​tri​ə​nt/ ​ a substance in food that is necessary for good health Nutritious​ (adjective): /​ nju​ːˈ​tr​ɪʃə​s​ / (of food or drinks) containing substances we need in order to be healthy Well-balanced​: having good or equal amounts of all the necessary parts of something.

PHOBIAS. Arachnophobia:​ /​ ​əˌ​rækn​əˈ​f​əʊ​b​ɪə​/ The fear of spiders or arachnids such as scorpions. Ophidiophobia:​ The fear of snakes. Acrophobia:​ /​ ​ˌ​ækr​əˈ​f​əʊ​b​ɪə​/ The fear of heights. Aerophobia​:/​ɛə​r​əʊˈ​f​əʊ​b​ɪə​/ The fear of flying. Cynophobia​: ​/ sa​ɪ​nə’foubiə/ The fear of dogs. Astraphobia​: The fear of lightening and thunder. ​Aso known as astrapophobia, brontophobia, keraunophobia, or tonitrophobia.Trypanophobia: the extreme fear of a medical procedure that involves injections and hypodermic needles. Agoraphobia: /​æg​ə​r​ə​f​ə​ʊ​bi​ə​/ ​An anxiety disorder whereby the victims perceive certain environments outside their residence as unsafe.

Vocabulary. Cards. (Brenda\'s Oral Presentation).docx

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